Chepstow Museum

Site Owner: Monmouthshire County Council  tel: 01291 625981


Chepstow Museum displays the rich and varied past of this ancient town, once an important port and market centre.  British Tourism is said to have started in the 1750s with the development of the Wye Tour – a two day excursion by boat down the river Wye from Ross to Chepstow.  Nowadays you can experience a virtual Wye Tour within the museum and appreciate the picturesque Piercefield estate with its mansion, parklands and spectacular viewpoints. The growth of the Picturesque movement can be explored as the 18th and 19th century paintings and prints illustrate the everlasting appeal of Chepstow and the Wye Valley to artists and tourists alike. Other displays portray Chepstow's wine trade, shipbuilding and salmon fishing industries, with a restored stopnet fishing boat housed outside in a boatshed.


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